Why Floorsky?

Unique Design

The Floorsky company was created with to meet the needs of the customers who, bored with classical ideas, are looking for something unique and being a part of the canon of modern design.

Modern Technology

We are constantly looking for new trends in architecture and interior design. Our projects are always supported by the highest quality technology.

Innovative Approach

Floorsky is recognized thanks to its innovative approach and close cooperation with the investor, the designer and the architect at every stage of design and implementation. The company guarantees high-quality services, providing an excellent visual effect.

Why our floors?


Our passion is creating unique concrete-resinous flooring with microcement. It is the perfect solution for facilities in public, residential and office spaces.

Thanks to the materials and technologies that we use, we create new directions in the field of architectural concrete and design.

  • Through the multilayer manual application the flooring takes on an individual character thus it becomes a unique craft.
  • The floor is seamless what allows to get the impression of total homogeneity of space, taking into account the constructional aspects.
  • Despite the sophisticated nature of rawness in contrast to concrete, the floors are warm to the touch and they also can be used for floor heating.
  • Application technology and high standard of the material are a guarantee of reliability.
  • By its structure the flooring becomes a unique alternative to concrete thanks to the latest technology.
  • On request, we prepare in our laboratory the sample according to the colour preferences and guidelines of the architect or the investor.
  • Exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance, UV stability and waterproofness allow to transfer the character of the inside to the outside.
  • The variety of applications is our advantage. We are not limited by the vertical surface or furniture which, after our specialized treatment in combination with the floor, become a part of ideal composition. The flooring can be seamlessly used in a bathroom, on walls of walk-in showers or in a pool.
  • With properly applied polymers our floors are easy to clean and stain resistant.

Special products

  • Designing
  • Accessories
  • Walls

We design according to the art, modern trends and solid foundation. Want to learn more? Call or write to us.

Our loft, modern and industrial interiors are complemented by all kinds of accessories. One of them is of course the furniture that we are able to make bespoke, keeping both the concrete and elegant atmosphere.

We design and prepare the plaster sculptures as well.

In conjunction with the floors, one of our finishing walls are concrete slabs. We offer slabs made of real architectural concrete in four basic colours (white, natural cement, medium gray, dark anthracite) and formats. We put emphasis on the perfect performance of both floors and walls. Therefore every single piece of our slabs is carefully finished.

Following step by step with new architectural trends and feeling great in loft climate, we also offer our clients the finishing of the walls in architectural concrete. It has many varieties but Floorsky prefers only the highest quality, betting on the reliability and durability.